country heir
 Country Heir March II    March 23 - 25, 2012

Do Your Entries Online!!
It's Fun and it's easy. First read the short users guide included at You will need to create your account, populate it with all people (don't forget your trainer and pro rider) and horses. You are now ready to create and submit your entry. You will not be required to fill out an entry form, it will be automatically submitted to the horse show. You should check into your account periodically to see the status of your entry. There are 4 stages...1. Created (means you haven't submitted it to us yet), 2. Submitted, 3. Pending (we're waiting for your check to arrive), and finally 4. Accepted. You will be able to verify this in your account in the status menu. Good Luck and please call Julie if you need help 248-892-6806

Horse Show Officials

Course Designer
Dean Rheinheimer
Competition Management
Frankie Stark

Horse Show Staff

Stabling Manager
Frankie 513-875-3318
Show Secretary
Julie Agar
Emergency Medical Technician
Barb Pugerud
Show Approvals
United States Equestrian Federation "A"
Ohio Hunter Jumper Association
Kentucky Hunter Jumper Association