country heir
 Country Heir I    June 7 - 11, 2017

Welcome to Country Heir I
All orders will be posted here each evening, as well as the DAILY SCHEDULE WITH COUNTS. Look below to open the pdf's of these documents. Please be aware that the show office will be closed each day at 5pm, regardless of whether or not the show is still going. Please get your adds in by 5pm for the next days events.

Wednesday Schedule Changes
Low Hunters in the Murphy Ring have been canceled. One trip of the Performance 3'3" has been moved to the end of the schedule in the Claiborne Ring.

International Derby Check-in, Water Jump, Stadium Equitation Horses
The check-in for the International Derby will on Friday between 5-7pm at your stalls, have number on door.

There will be a Water Option on Friday in the Walnut ring, Class 310-Low Schooling Jumpers

Flatting will be permitted in the Rolex Stadium for Equitation Horses from 6am-7:45am on Saturday.

Pick up your schedule in the office, you can use the same entry form and back number so it's easy to enter Equitation Day! You can also enter online by clicking this link, the cost to the service is $1 per horse.

Grand Prix Information
You must be declared for the Grand Prix by Saturday, Noon. Check-in will be from 2-3:30pm on Saturday with the schooling supervisor at the Rolex Warm-up or you may check in at the farriers stand near the office building. Bring your back number and stall location.

Don't forget to add your Hunter Classics!
Entering the class that says FIRST ROUND CLASSIC does not mean you are in the classic. The Hunter Classic's are clearly labeled as hunter classics and will always be a 200 series number.

Changes for Friday
The 3rd trip of the Non Pro 2'6" and Non Pro 2'9" have been canceled. Non Pro will have 2 over fences and 1 u/s to make their division.

Horse Show Officials

Competition Management
Frankie Stark

Horse Show Staff

Horse Show Managers
J Tucker Ericson
JP Bordeleau
Stabling Manager
Tom Blankenship -
Show Secretary
Julie Agar - 248-892-6806
Office Staff
Scott Brown
Michael Howell
Show Veterinarian
Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital - 859-233-371
Barb Pugerud
Show Photographer
Anne Gittens -
Show Approvals
United States Equestrian Federation Premier
Show Jumping Hall of Fame
North American League
Washington International Horse
Indiana Hunter Jumper
Illinois Hunter Jumper
Kentucky Hunter Jumper Association
Middle Tennessee Hunter Jumper
Missouri Hunter Jumper Organization
Ohio Hunter Jumper
Ohio Professional Horseman's
Wisconsin Hunter Jumper