country heir
 Country Heir II    June 13 - 17, 2012

Orders of Go are Posted Below Each Evening After the Office Closes
New Feature at Now when you go to the schedule you can click on any class title and see the entrants in that class.

Horse Show Officials

Linda Andrisani
William Sparks
Tony Sgarlata
Kim Dorfman
Gary Duffy
Gary Sylvester
Jenny Ross
Ron Beachy
Peggy Beachy
Course Designers
Michael Rheinheimer
Michel Vaillancourt
Dave Ballard
Laura Reed
Eleanor Woodward
Competition Management
Frankie Stark

Horse Show Staff

Horse Show Manager
Dean Rheinheimer
Stabling Managers
pre show Frankie - 513-875-3318
@ Show JP Bordeleau - 502-316-0852
Show Secretary
Julie Agar
Office Staff
Sally Dunn
Scott Brown
Brain Lookabil
Brian Jones
Abby Jones
Andrew Ellis
Pete Barrows
Tom Cason
Mike Ussery
Christine Rheinheimer
Jim Ryles
Roy Coyle
Show Veterinarian
Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital - 859-233-0371
Show Farrier
Scott Lampert - 612-282-5529
Barb Pugerud
Darlene Brown
Show Approvals
United States Equestrian Federation "AA" Jumper Level 5
Ohio Hunter Jumper Association
Kentucky Hunter Jumper Association
Show Jumping Hall of Fame
North American League
Washington International Horse Show
Indiana Hunter Jumper Association
Middle Tennessee Hunter Jumper Association
Missouri Hunter Jumper Association
Ohio Professional Horseman's Association
Western Pennsylvania Professional Horseman's Association
Wisconsin Hunter Jumper Association